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Heavy-Duty Roll Handlers

Industrial-grade paper, coil, and reel handlers made to your application.

Most commonly used by the paper industry, electric walkie roll handlers are designed to transport rolls of paper, steel, wire, and hose coils of varying diameters with ease and care. Specially contoured forks cradle the load securely regardless of the roll diameter. Your custom design ensures the safe handling of any roll, bobbin, or coil requirement. Let us customize your electric paper roll handler.

Industries: Paper, Wire & Cable, Steel

WRH Series Walkie Roll Handlers

Industrial-grade, high-capacity corrugated paper movers configured to your application.

Electric Roll Handler - Side View - Walkie Paper Roll Mover | Sroka

Next Generation Technology

Heavy Duty AC Drive Motor - Sroka

Sroka electric roll handlers utilize the latest in AC traction control technology including regenerative braking and heavy-duty, IP44 sealed AC powered drive motors. Battery discharge indicator with hour-meter and system diagnostics display are standard.

Heavy-Duty All Steel Construction

All Steel Roll Handler Construction - Fold Down Platens | Sroka

Paper roll movers made by Sroka are the most rugged in the industry and are specifically designed to handle the loads and stresses of the coils over the forks. The welded heavy-gauge steel construction chassis are manufactured for maximum service life and minimal downtime.

Easy to Maintain

Maintenance Friendly Internal View - Drive Compartment | Sroka

The WRH series Sroka roll handlers are built with serviceability in mind. This includes a maintenance-friendly drive compartment layout. All mechanical joints incorporate steel pivot pins with bronze bushings. Also, bearings, wheels, and axles have standard Zerk grease fittings integrated for maximum service life and easy maintenance.

Industrial-Grade Components

Tiller Handle on Electric Pallet Jack - Sroka

Sroka engineers and manufactures heavy-duty electric paper roll movers to hold-up in the harshest environments. This includes a robust and ergonomic all-steel tiller handle equipped with proven industrial components and the latest in drive control technology.

Lift with Confidence.

Rugged on the outside and technologically advanced on the inside. Sroka electric battery-powered paper roll trucks are built to last in the most demanding applications.

The Most Options. You decide the configuration.

Customize your roll handling truck.

Sroka custom configures your roll handler to your application. Engineered and built from the ground up, you choose your fork layout. We can even integrate a tilt mechanism to help you secure slitted paper rolls.

12,000 LBS Capacity Paper Roll Handler | Sroka

Other Walk Behind Roll Mover Options

EE Enclosure on Lift Truck by Sroka
  • “EE” Construction

  • Roll Platens to Lift a Wider Range of Roll Diameters

  • Fork Rollers to Push Rolls

  • Amber Strobe Light

  • Blue Spot Lights

  • EMI/RFI Protection

  • Debris Guard

  • Siped Drive Tires

  • Custom Fork Attachments

  • And MANY More Options Available

Fold Down Platens Option for Roll Handler | Sroka

Walkie Roll Handler (WRH) Truck Models

WRH Series General Specifications

Sroka Model Capacity Roll Diameter * Fork Length ** Power Steering
WRH-40 4,000 lbs 40″ – 60″ 42″
WRH-60 6,000 lbs 40″ – 60″ 48″
WRH-80 8,000 lbs 40″ – 60″ 60″
WRH-100 10,000 lbs 40″ – 60″ 72″ Optional
WRH-120 12,000 lbs 40″ – 60″ 84″ Optional

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* Available Optional Fold Down Platens to Accommodate 15″-60″ Diameter Rolls
** Custom Fork Lengths Available

10,000 LBS Capacity Paper Roll Handler Lift Truck | Sroka

Proven design for the corrugated paper manufacturing industry.

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