Sroka Incorporated is a design and manufacturing company taking on the world’s toughest industry challenges.

Founded in 1981, Sroka (a family-owned company) has been at the forefront of innovation for over 40 years. Sroka proudly engineers and manufactures its products in the USA including heavy-duty electric lift trucks, combustion engine forklifts, and custom material handling equipment.

Sroka provides solutions to leading industries worldwide, including automotive, aerospace, defense, railroad, construction, steel, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, personal care, and food processing.

The company incorporates complete engineering, machining, metal fabrication, assembly, testing and painting operations.

Sroka Engineering and Manufacturing Facility

ISO 9001:2015 Certified OEM – 42 years of commitment to innovation and exceptional customer support


John Sroka circa 1989

John Sroka circa 1989

John Sroka & the Early Years

An emigrant from Poland, John Sroka sought opportunity and pursuit of a dream. In 1981, he opened a small machine shop on the west bank of the Flats in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. From the start, John focused on specialty tools, hydraulics and engineered solutions. Fostering a passion to meet the most difficult client challenges, John’s natural expertise in bringing ideas from concept to fruition was noticed by many. With a vision much greater than his humble beginnings, the company was relocated in 1984 to its present day location in nearby Strongsville, Ohio.

Through the late 80s and the 90s, Sroka continued to grow organically and through acquisition. Major companies acquired include Westwood Machine Specialists, Economy Pump and Advance Vehicles. By 1998, the company expanded its manufacturing plant to become fully self-sufficient in its operations.

Strategic Innovation & Growth

The 2000s were a period of strategic innovation and growth. Vertical integration became key during this time when Sroka expanded its control over its supply chain. This included major investments in machinery, technology and intellectual property. As a result of continual improvement, tremendous value was added to each product by reducing costs and increasing both manufacturing efficiency and productivity. Meanwhile during this time Sroka’s leadership and engineering team were busy developing several hundred successful products that were added to the company’s portfolio of engineered solutions.

Major improvements continue into the 2010s with a key focus on infrastructure, environment and operations. Everything centers around quality and speed of execution. In 2017, Sroka launched its fully integrated ERP system and has celebrated its ISO 9001:2015 certification. Soon after, construction on Sroka’s new engineering and manufacturing center was completed in 2018. At heart, Sroka believes in the “American Dream” and will continue to embrace this cultural value into the future.

Family Business & Future

Working at their father’s side, Adam Sroka is the company’s Vice President. Adam has been involved in every aspect of the company since his childhood, from sweeping floors and operating machinery to cultivating relationships and executing international contracts.

Adam earned his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and his Master’s of Engineering in Construction Engineering and Project Management from The University of Texas at Austin. Connect with Adam on Linkedin.

Together Adam, with his father John, represent the present driving force and future leadership of Sroka Inc.


The company cornerstone of research and development has resulted in over 1300 distinctive products that have been designed and manufactured. As a result, Sroka has become a leading resource by offering proven solutions to the industries’ most difficult challenges. Continual improvement and industry best practices drive company quality at every level.



 ISO 9001:2015 Certified – Quality Management System

SCOPE: Design, Development, Manufacture, Integration, Sales, Support and Fulfillment of Material Handling Equipment, Specialty Tools and Hydraulic, Electronic and Mechanical Products, Components, Systems, Services and Solutions


Sroka is committed to be the Market Leader in the Design, Development, Manufacture, Integration, Sales, Support and Fulfillment of material handling equipment, specialty tools and hydraulic, electronic and mechanical products, components, systems, services and solutions.

Sroka is committed to the Concept of Continual Improvement, achieved through monitored processes and a coordinated “Quality Management System” providing our customers the Highest Quality Products, Services, and On Time Delivery.

Sroka is committed to satisfying all applicable requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and its quality objectives.

All personnel at Sroka shall adhere to the requirements of the Sroka Inc. Quality Manual.

John Sroka
Sroka Inc., President


A work-life balance is vital to our success. These core principles guide us in our commitment to you: our customer, our vendor, our partner.


Togetherness – Openness – Open Heartedness


Work Smart – Be Alert – Be Organized – Use Proper PPE


Trust – Respect – Do Good – Do Right – Be Transparent


Excitement – Inspiration – Responsibility – Self Determination


Continual Improvement – Solution Driven – Focused Efforts


On Time – Beyond Expectation – Attention to Detail


Cultivate Customer Relationships – Build Positive Reputation


We believe in the “American Dream”, where you can achieve something anything if you want to.

We believe in simplicity, not complexity.

We believe in personal responsibility and freedom which cultivates inspiration and big ideas.

We believe in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our teams which allows us to innovate in ways that others cannot.

We believe in honesty, admitting when we are wrong and having the courage to change.

We believe in doing it right the first time and putting the customer first. Period.


In a word “CUSTOMERization.” We customize our products and services through personal interaction between our company and our customers. It’s a simple 3 step process from Concept to Design to Completion.

Concept planning


Contact our team by phone, email or our interactive online request form. We will review your request and use our database to pair it to one of our several thousand engineered solutions.

Drafting design work


Once a solution is selected, our team will collaborate and present a detailed proposal based on your request. Did we mention that all of this is done at Rocket Speed usually within 24 hours.

Machining to completion


Our team takes great pride and care throughout the manufacturing process. WHY? Because we want you to LOVE your product and know you have a partner to rely on.